The Temple Adath cemetery is located on a hillside at Jamesville and Thurber Streets in Syracuse, overlooking most if not all of the greater Syracuse area. The carefully maintained parcel of land reflects the Jewish mandate of Kavod Hamet, “respect for the dead”. The Temple Adath Yeshurun cemetery is available to all members of the Jewish community. The cemetery is managed by our Executive Director who is very responsive to the needs of all of our families. We encourage pre-arrangements which allow decisions to be made carefully and thoughtfully. Our Executive Director welcomes your inquiries and is always available to accompany you in visiting this very impressive, inspiring, sacred place.

Temple Adath hosts a Kever Avot (memorial service) usually on the Sunday morning between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Jewish tradition encourages to visit the graves of those who have died, as both a source of memory and to reaffirm relationships and bonds of love and affection. The Our clergy conduct the service which allows participants to join with others in the congregation while standing at the grave of a loved one.

For more information about the Adath Yeshurun Cemetery, please contact Barbara S. Simon, Executive Director at or 315.445.0002 ext. 125.

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