Evelyn Chave (Brownstein) Shure
Born 12/19/1922 in Syracuse, NY
Died 7/26/1999 in Syracuse, NY

Evelyn Brownstein Shure began working in 1966 in the office of several Syracuse pediatricians and was still working in 1977. She was a religious education teacher at Temple Society of Concord and was also a member of their sisterhood and drama group. She was a member of the Onondaga Democratic Committee and was the 1969 Democratic candidate for DeWitt Town Clerk.

Family links:
Joseph Brownstein (1892 - 1925)
Ida Rose Golinsky Brownstein (1898 - 1959)

Spouse: Harold Shure (1912 - 1972)
Burial Location
Harold Shure
Died 10/4/1912
Buried 1/1972
Joseph Brownstein
Born 2/19/1892 in Moldova
Buried 8/4/1925