Else Sara (Sondhelm) Seidenberger
Born 8/26/1897 in Belgium BE
Died 8/18/1996 in New York City, NY

 Holocaust Survivor 

Else Sara Sondhelm Seidenberger was born on August 26, 1897, in Kitzingen, Bavaria, Germany, her father, Max Sondhelm, was 29, and her mother, Bertha Schloss Sondhelm, was 27. She had two brothers, Julius Sondhelm and Walter Sondhelm, and one sister, Hilde Sondhelm. She married Mr. Seidenberger and had two daughters, Lilo and Marianne. They escaped the holocaust and came to the United States. She died on August 18, 1996, in New York, New York, at the age of 98.
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