David (Rifkenovitz?) Jacobs
Born 1906
Died 1/21/1963 in Syracuse, NY

David Jacobs, grew up in a lower East Side Jewish neighborhood (The 15th Ward) and on a small farm in rural LaFayette, owned by his father, Jake Jacobs, an immigrant from Vilna, Lithuania. David was a famous athlete (football, basketball, boxing) who matriculated at Vocational High School and for one year at The Manlius School. He was awarded a scholarship to Carson-Newman College where he played football and then returned home to begin a professional boxing career, culminating in the heavyweight championship of New York State. "Jacobs" was not his fathers original last name. He was one of those re-named. He never discussed much about his family origin, or the real last name, something like "Rifkinovitz."

Daughter Virginia ‘Ginny’ Bugin, and
Sons: Robert Jacobs, and James (Susan Springer) Jacobs.

Siblings: Eli Jacobs 1899–1974
Mark "Max" Jacobs 1900–1972
Marks Jacobs 1901–
John Isadore "Israel" Jacobs 1903–1979
David Jacobs 1906–1963
Michael H. "Maurice" Jacobs 1908–1972
Joseph "Joey" Jacobs 1911–
Thelma "Alma" Jacobs 1919–
Burial Location
Mary (King) Jacobs
Jacob "Jay" Jacobs
Born 1878 in Vilna, Lithuania LI
Died 8/24/1936 in Syracuse, NY
Anna (Matlow) Jacobs
Born 1879 in Russia RU
Died 1962 in Buffalo, NY
Some of the Jacobs family who lived on Burt Street in 1919: Jake (rt) a peddler; my father Dave between Jake and Anna (Matlow). Daves brothers were Eli, Max, Jack (Isadore), Mike (Moses) and Joe (who later became a stage actor, J. Robert Breton). The only girl was Thelma. At left is Abe Matlow who moved to Rochester. He could conduct a seder at mach speed. Joe is the blond boy sitting on the running board next to Anna, so that must be Mike (Moses) next to him. Jack (Isidore) and Max are not in the pic.