Anna (Matlow) Jacobs
Born 1879 in Russia RU
Died 1962 in Buffalo, NY

Ann Matlow was born in 1879 in Russia, the daughter of Taube and Josef. She married Jacob "Jay" Jacobs in 1898 in Manchester, Lancashire, England. They had eight children in 20 years. She died on May 23, 1962, in Buffalo, New York, at the age of 83.

Children: Eli Jacobs 1899–1974
Mark "Max" Jacobs 1900–1972
Marks Jacobs 1901–
John Isadore "Israel" Jacobs 1903–1979
David Jacobs 1906–1963
Michael H. "Maurice" Jacobs 1908–1972
Joseph "Joey" Jacobs 1911–
Thelma "Alma" Jacobs 1919–
Burial Location
Jacob "Jay" Jacobs
Born 1878 in Vilna, Lithuania LI
Died 8/24/1936 in Syracuse, NY