Joseph A (Koldschmidt) Goldsmith
Born 1890 in Germany DU
Died 1959 in Syracuse, NY

Josef Koldschmidt was born in 1892 in Germany, the son of Rosa and Ely. He immigrated to Syracuse, New York, US in 1911, and lived with his brother Phillip. He had one son and three daughters with Frances Harris. He died in 1959 in Syracuse, New York, at the age of 67.

Shirley Goldsmith Raymond 1918–2002
Miriam "Mimi" (Goldsmith) Lipstein Born 1922 -- 7/11/2007 in Syracuse, NY
Barbara (Daniel) Grossman
Charles Goldsmith 1934–

Brothers: Bernard Goldsmith 1894-1982
Phillip Goldsmith
Burial Location
Frances (Harris) Goldsmith
Born 1896
Died 11/9/1987
Eli Koldschmidt
Rosa Koldschmidt