Fannie (Fleischman) Reicher
Born 1888
Died 1977

When Fanny Fleischman was born in January 1888 in New York, her father, Isaac, was 20, and her mother, Rebecca, was 21. She had three brothers and five sisters. Jacob, Gabriel and Pierce Fleischman and Mrs. Philin Smith, Mrs. Harry Finkelstein, Mrs Joseph Reicher and Mrs. M. Matlow.

Ida Fleischman 1895–1910
Mayme Fleischman 1896–
Jacob S Fleischman 1889–1979
Gabriel Fleischman 1891–
Dorathy Fleischman 1894–
Marian Fleischman 1898–
Juliat Fleischman 1900–
Pierce Fleischman 1902–
Burial Location
Joseph Reicher
Born 1887
Died 1973
Isaac Fleischman
Died 12/5/1930 in Syracuse, NY
Rebecca (Handleman) Fleischman