Minnie "Mimi" Kaletzki
Born 1855
Died 1923

Mrs. Minnie Kaletzki, 68, 105 Comstock Ave„ died Monday morning at the family home after a brief illness.
She is survived by four daughters, Miss Jennie Kaletzki, Mrs. Charles C. May, Pleasantville; Mrs. Sally Putziger and Mrs. Frank S. Meyer, New York: and four sons. Dr. A. M. Kallet, Samuel Kaletzki, M. F. Kaletzki. New York, and Charles M. Kaletzki. Funeral services will be held from the home Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 oclock. Rabbi Jesse Bienenfeld officiating. Burial will be in Adath Yeshurun Cemetery.
Syracuse Journal 1923

Children: Jennie KALETZKI 1876–1920
Rose KALETZKY (Charles) May 1878 (Frank) Meyer 1940
Anna Sara KALETZKI (Solomon) Putziger 1880–1953
Samuel KALETZKY 1883–1961
Dr. Aaron Harry KALLET 1887–1965
Michael (Moses) Emanuel KALETTE 1891–1980
Mary Kaletsky (Frank) Meyer 1893–1965
Charles Hirsch KALETZKI 1894–1973

Grandchildren: Barbara Zillah MEYER 1915–1997
Irwin H. Meyer 1918–1999
Charles Herbert Meyer 1920–1990
Virginia Gifford MAY 1915–1992
Elizabeth Reeve MAY 1916–2001
Walter P PUTZIGER 1906–1977
Hilda L PUTZIGER 1907–1982
Sylvia M PUTZIGER 1909–1996
Paul A PUTZIGER 1911–1998
Searil "Stephen" PUTZIGER 1918–2003
Barbara Zillah MEYER 1915–1997
James Irwin MEYER Sr. 1918–1999
Charles Herbert MEYER 1920–1990
Ruth Toby Kaletsky 1914–1995
Herbert Saul Kaletzky 1917–1993
Ruth Toby KALETSKY 1914–1995
Herbert Saul KALETTE [née KALETZKY] 1917–1993
Henry "Hank" KALETTE [née KALETZKY] I 1922–2008
Charles Clifford KALLET 1926–1997
Burial Location
Israel Kaletzki
Born 1856 in Poland PL
Died 1918